Nomenclature List of Products

Manufactures M
Distributes D
Sells S
Services V
Imports I
Repairs R
Exports E
Description M D S V I R E Description
Carbon Bearings Carbon Bushes
Carbon Chemical Piping Corrosion Resistant Piping
Carbon Elution Heat Exchangers Flexible Shunts
Carbon Brush Holders Graphite Bushes
Carbonaceous Powders Graphite Chemical Piping
Carbon Felts Graphite Foils Ahesive Bonded
Carbon Foils Graphite Foils Chemical Resistant
Carbon Brushes Graphite Inserts
Carbon Laboratory Ware Graphite Laboratory Ware
Carbon Crane Collectors Graphite Ladle Bowls
Carbon Linings Graphite Linings
Carbon Crucibles Graphite Lubricants
Carbon Dies Graphite Lubricating Blocks
Carbon Gland Rings Graphite Moulds
Carbon Inserts Graphite Pastes
Carbon Powders Graphite Powders
Carbon Process Equipment Graphite Process Equipment
Carbon Strip For Pantographs Graphite Refractories Furnaces
Carbon Rings Graphite Rings
Carbon Rods Graphite Rods
Carbon Sleeves Graphite Sheets
Carbon Slides Graphite Sheets Low Ash
Flexible Graphite Graphite Sheets Reinforced
Dry Lubricating Systems Graphite Sleeves
Graphite Brushes Graphite Slides
Flexible Graphite Foils Graphite Tapes
Carbon Seals Graphite Vacuum Ejectors
Graphite Felts High Purity Graphite Foils
Graphite Dies Hot Glass Handling Systems
Chemical Process Plant Heat Exchangers Hydrochloric Acid Production Units
Commutator Maintenance Equipment Isostatic Pressed Graphite
Graphite Forging Dies Lift Spares & Accessories
Carbon Products Machined Graphite Components
Graphite Hot Pressing Dies Mine Winder Spares
Condenser Heat Exchangers Modular Heat Exchangers
Graphite Foils Non Adhesive Graphite Foils
Fep Heat Shrink Tubing Non Stick Heat Shrink Teflon Roller Covers
Carbon Electrodes Pantographs
Condensers Heat Exchanger Plate Heat Exchangers
Dimple Plate Heat Exchangers Plate In Shell Heat Exchange Units
Graphite Electrodes Resin Sealed Carbons
Graphite Evaporators Resin Sealed Graphite
Direct Contact Heat Exchangers Shell And Tube Heat Exchange Units
Fluid Bed Heat Exchangers Shell Heat Exchangers
Brush Holders Signal Slip Rings
Cable Drum Slip Ring Assemblies Slip Ring Assemblies
Commutators Slip Ring High Voltage
Electric Motor Spares Slip Rings Standard Voltages
Crane Current Collectors Spark Erosion Electrodes
Electrical Discharge Machining Graphite Spark Erosion Graphite
Generator Spares Traction Brush Holders
Condensate Coolers Traction Equipment
Graphite Condensers Tube Heat Exchangers
Continuous Casting Graphite Wind Power Generating Systems
Copper Contacts Winder Spares
Carbon Contacts
Cubic Block Heat Exchangers
Furnace Electrodes
Graphite Crucibles
Graphite Heat Exchangers
Graphite Products
Graphite Sliprings
Mechanical Carbons
Carbon Brush Manufacturer